Tendo Nabiki Enterprises, Incorporated



Tokyo, Japan - September 18, 1995 - Tendo Nabiki Enterprises (NIKKEI: TNE) announced today its acquisition of Kuno Tatewaki Properties, LLC (NIKKEI: TKP).  TKP's focus is in arena of commercial real-estate in the outer regions of the metro-Tokyo area and in other major metropolitan locations throughout the Pacific rim and the USA.

Tendo Nabiki, CEO of Tendo Nabiki Enteprises spoke at a press briefing following the official signing of the contracts.  "Today we have taken a big step towards strenghening Tendo Nabiki Enterprise's role in the future of Japan's economy as well as our own future within the international community."

Tendo Nabiki also announced the construction of three new branch locations in Australia, the United States and Canada and stated that firm dates for the initiation of each of the projects are pending completion of construction contract negotiations.

About TNE, Inc. TNE is a publicly traded company, and is headquartered in Nerima, Japan.  Founded by Tendo Nabiki, TNE, Inc has been in operation since 1989. TNE employs approximately 200 employees in all of its branches, subsidiaries and divisions.

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