Tendo Nabiki Enterprises, Incorporated



Tokyo, Japan - December 25, 1995 - It is with regret that Tendo Nabiki Enterprises announces the resignation of Kuno Tatewaki, Foreign Properties Director.  Kuno Tatewaki was also a voting member of the board of directors for Tendo Nabiki Enterprises, a position he obtained following the acquisition of Kuno Tatewaki Properties, LLC.

Tendo Nabiki has appointed Saotome Nodoka to replace Kuno Tatewaki's position in the board structure and has announced that the position of "Foreign Properties Director" will be officially retired.

About TNE, Inc. TNE is a publicly traded company, operated in the US, Canada, and is headquartered in Nerima, Japan.  Founded by Tendo Nabiki, TNE, Inc has been in operation since 1989. TNE employs approximately 250 employees in all of its branches, subsidiaries and divisions.

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