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Welcome to the FFML Directory. This is current through 27-Jan-01, when I received a measure of new messages to add.

The whole directory has been placed on one page, due to its small size. It's definitely not as large as it used to be... Therefore, links to the regions of the world will be placed at the top and at the bottom.

For those of you who would like to learn more about the FFML, please visit This directs you to a Frequently Asked Questions document, where you can read all that there is to the FFML. We're a mostly-harmless group, for the most part...

A few words about the project itself. As many of you were familiar with the way that Gary ran things on the former map, I've made a few changes. Everything is still organized by alphabetical order, by state/province and then by city (and in the case of continents, by country then city). However, I have repeated the city in the entries so that no confusion is caused. As you may note, I have included schools that individuals are attending, and I am placing webpages with links on the directory. Everyone who is subscribed to the FFML is more than welcome to participate in this, from regular posters all the way to complete lurkers. And if your information here changes, please inform me so that I can rectify the changes on these pages! And for you folks who are posted on the directory and would like your absent webpage to be posted with you, please drop me a message so that I can update your information.

The address to mail to for new entries, old entries, HTML errors, new business, old cash and new checks is As a note, if you would also like for me to place spam breaks in email addresses that are posted (such as writing out addresses as zoogz at yahoo dot com) I would also be willing to do this.

A huge thanks go to Gary Kleppe, who performed a masterful job of assembling the original FFML Map Project pages, which I have roughly plagarized (since I'm not an HTML master). And to all you people on the FFML, good luck and happy hunting! Remember, this list doesn't exist without you guys...

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