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When the main character has two different genders, hilarity can ensue. However, another direct result is the grand flexibility of all sorts of situations, including lemons. Again, these stories run the spectrum of the good, and the bad... and here, we're showcasing the worse ones, with witty repartee from Joel and the bots of course! From the "Great Guide of MST6.7", here's Megane introducing his MSTs!

**Warning**: These fics contain mature content. We ask you to please be responsible in the downloading and reading of this material. Also, if you are offended by such material, we ask kindly that you not read it in the first place. Thank you.

301-"A Wet Dream Come True" (1999)- Kuonji Ukyou stars in Mike Rhea's first lemon fanfic. Ranma visits Ukyou's restaurant and asks to take a bath in her tub since the one at the Tendo's is broken. Ukyou agrees and once Ranma is naked in the tub, she decides to check him out. It isn't long before mutual lust gives way to passion, although the lemon scenes are more clinical than passionate in this fic. There is an additional revelation but I don't want to spoil it. Rhea wrote this story to make a point about Ranma/Ukyou fanfics and while I'm not sure what the point was, I appreciate the fact that he's been a good sport about being MSTed.
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302-"Tortured Echo" (1999)- This is probably my all-time favorite MSTing at the moment. It has a horde of soldiers invading Nerima and making life difficult for everyone in some way, well those who survived anyway. Sasuke is established as the star for the first several pages but then the focus quickly shifts to Hibiki Ryouga, who must deal with the terrible things that have happened to his friends and himself. Despite the grim nature and setting of the story, there are plenty of goofy moments such as the whole 'Foam' situation, and absurd dialogue that made MSTing this a pleasure from beginning to end.
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308- "Ukyo Gets What She Deserves" (2000)- Kuonji Ukyo has finally had enough of Ranma's refusal to love her and she decides to take drastic steps to rectify the situation. This includes kidnapping Ranma, (boy, there's been a lot of that in lemons, eh?), and drugging him into becoming a sex crazed loony so she can take his virginity and make tracks. But then her motivation goes all screwy and she begins talking to herself regularly about what to do. Meanwhile, Ranma has gone from a sex crazed loony into a tender loving fiance who's prone to sudden bursts of lust. This leads to more lemony scenes with Ranma's girl side and Ukyo. Oh, and did I mention the bear?
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