"I know! Let's cross it with *Sailor Moon*!"

Sadly this statement is heard quite often in many an otaku's house. Scientists estimate that this very phrase is said at least five times a day, often with horrible consequences. Such we present here: the crossovers that are made with Sailor Moon. We warn you... you might not want to view the results of these horrible experiments. Now, with his take on this massive problem sweeping North America, here's Megane 6.7 with another couple pages from the "Great Guide to MST6.7".

103-"Sailor Jupiter Vs. Godzilla" (1997)-A different twist on the Godzilla formula but still embroidering the same spirit of the films. This fanfic stars Kino Makoto as Sailor Jupiter who takes a little TOO long packing her things during an evacuation of Tokyo and as a result finds herself going one-on-one with the mutated lizard himself. Be sure to keep an eye out for extended cameos by veteran actors, Soldiers 1 and 2, who changed their agents and went on to brilliant performances as Soldiers 78 and 79 in 'Saving Private Ryan'.
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109-"Bishoujo Senshi Royal Rumble" (1996)-The 1996 Royal Rumble comes to you LIVE from Milford, Connecticut, in the sold out auditorium of... St. Marys??? And that's only the first oddity of this crossover between Sailor Moon and the World Wrestling Federation. Agents of the Negaverse have kidnapped Chibi-usa, forcing the scouts to teleport and pursue them to the church where the rumble is being held. Naturally, the wrestlers just assume that the senshi are trained professionals and proceed to beat the living crap out of them before Jupiter hulks up to even the odds. The finale has Tux-Boy making his usual cameo appearance while Queen Metallia shamelessly rips off Shang Tsung. Oh, did I mention Mean Gene Okerlund's in this?
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203-"*R*P*M*" (1998)- Detective Sam Burke is having a hell of a day. First he tracks down a dangerous psychopath named Flynn to Japan only to be confounded by one of those gosh darn government conspiracies. Cut to a mall in Japan where the scouts are enjoying lunch only to be rudely interrupted by Flynn as he mows down thousands of people while the author admires the brutality of it all. The scouts are little more than an annoyance to Flynn and we wonder why they're in this story at all. Then we listen to Sam reminisce about the unfairness of the Clinton government and more gosh darn government conspiracies until we're left with a cliffhanger and a little emptier inside.
**Warning**: This fic contains mature content. We ask you to please be responsible in the downloading and reading of this material. Also, if you are offended by such material, we ask kindly that you not read it in the first place. Thank you.
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310-"The Io Saga" (1996)- Send in the clones! This sprawling, rather inept fic is a straight Sailor Moon 'fic, but the webmaster was too lazy to stuff it in the proper category. In it, we find that Japan is virtually canvassed with roving bands of Senshi, deflowering the surrounding lands, showing a combined IQ of a sofa cushion, and generally making nuisances of themselves. Also features villains previously found doing time for being leftovers in the refrigerator or chained to doghouses, and Brave Sir Kamen.
Text version, Part 1
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404-"Sometimes" (2001)- Feel the angst flow about like so many soccer balls shot by the Cambodian National Team as Joel 'n the 'Bots take on this Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing crossover and pseudo-songfic. In it, we see Usagi disobey a good fourteen hundred or so years of prophecy, Heero not even having his Gundam around to run away from this mess, along with a big heaping dose of lyrics which constitutes more copyright infringement than one could shake a stick at. Well, it's all just a fic, we hope all you lawyers just relax out there! Please??
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407- "Moon Honey Flash" (1999)- This fic, almost clearly a fusion, is referred to as a "crossmix" by the author. In it, the Senshi are rather... critical of Usagi, even through they've been living with her idiosyncracies ever since she BROUGHT THEM BACK TO LIFE while fighting Beryl... oh well, how the winds of friendship change. Also, probably due to an overly-helpful twelve-step counselor, Mamoru completely dumps Usagi. Or maybe it was the statutory rape charges that Mr. Tsukino dropped on him. Oh wait... it's because he's being even MORE of a wuss than he was in "The Io Saga"! All this PLUS self-esteem without the need of tasteless surgery or breast scars, the Anime way!
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409- "Achtung! Sailor Scouts??"- Welcome to the wild world of urban survival! New Jack City has never been as gritty as the experiences of one American soldier who ends up peeing on a magic portal... to go to Japan?! Have patience with the author, folks, it *will* be a while until you reach the titular main characters but don't miss out on the cultural fireworks!
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501- "Light Of My Hopes" (2004)- Joel and the Bots are back as they tackle this rather goofy four parter which features Usagi dying and going to heaven only to discover her father, Richard -- who, by the way is Richard Almighty -- is a deadbeat polygamist jerk. She then visits hell and finds it to be much more pleasent as she captures the affections of the devil... Duo Maxwell? And we haven't even scratched the surface yet folks...
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503- "Wild Senshi" (2006)- When Yu-Gi-Oh attacks, who'ya gonna call? Well, for pete's sake, don't call Pimp Master Ranma cause when he's not showing off his wardrobe or wailing horrible sing-song ditties, he's 'powering booing' up his magical hos and dining on jewels. And speaking of jewels...
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504- "The Life I Left Behind"(2003) - Throughout history there have been many examples of tyranny, but none have been quite so bloody or confusing as the reign of Usagi the White. Heartbroken over the "possible" infidelity of her boyfriend, Usagi dedicates the next century to conquering the world as five or six other animes are dragged in, kicking and screaming along with the Matrix. There is no spoon... oh wait, yes there is. Page 33. Dang, so much for leaving on a cryptic note...
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