The Satellite of Hate

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In many sci-fi movies, and even some sci-fi series, alternative universes exist that are mirror opposites of the present conditions. Mystery Science Theater 6.7 is not an exception to this, as Megane 6.7 has also created an alternate universe that revolves around an evil Joel sequestered on the Satellite of Hate, while getting good fanfiction in an effort to reform him from Dr. Frank and Forrester! This proves that good fanfiction can still receive the MST treatment (and if you'd like to check out my sections, I have done the same in my writing career as well, plug plug) and come off successfully. From the "Great Guide to MST6.7", here is Megane 6.7 to offer a prologue to writers who are terrific and have a great sense of humor to boot!

106-"Transitions" (1997)-Sappy, thy name is Nuku Nuku. This story was very highly acclaimed when it was posted and to this day, some people still get teary-eyed after reading it. Others find themselves unable to calm down for three days afterwards due to the astronomical level of sugary sweetness in the fic. 'Transitions' stars our favorite All Purpose Cat Girl as the saint that can do no wrong and whom everybody loves. Period. We see examples of her goodness right off the bat as she assists the developmentally disabled while her fiance, played by Kei, goes to a job interview with his mother-in-law. Yikes.
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204-"Ranko's Life" (1997)- A different vision of the Ranma 1/2 universe that stars Tendo Kaneda as a duller version of Ranma Saotome and Saotome Ranko, playing a girl so shy and demure that I was surprised she managed to speak a word at all without blushing to death. They are arranged to be married and Kaneda finds himself annoyed at her demure attitude but not nearly as annoyed as I was at having that point repeatedly hammered into my skull by the author. The story loosely follows the plot of the first manga story, ending with a revelation that you'll see coming a mile away, but then, this was supposed to be the first chapter in a series before the author disappeared.
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307- "Winter" (1994)- Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of introspection! This fanfic has Saotome Ranma being rudely awakened in the middle of the night and transformed into his girl form. On the way to the bathroom to change form, she finds herself captivated by the winter scenery outside, apparently he never noticed it before as a guy but as a girl he can fully appreciate it. Um, okay. Ranma then accidentally walks in on Akane in the bath, but instead of getting harshly rebuffed she asks him to join her in the tub and they have a nice talk that helps them understand each other a little better. This was the first part of a four part series and all in all, it is a sweet poignant story, although the method to get them Ranma and Akane together in the bath was a little hokey, IMHO.
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