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JUNE 17, 1997
2:00 P.M.

       The entire town had turned out to witness the marriage of
Ranma Saotome.  After all the numerous conflicts, hurt feelings and
retaliations best left unmentioned, Ranma had finally made his
choice for his fiancee.  Still everyone's mind was racing as the
wedding began....

       Daisuke and Hiroshi sat next to each other and grinned at
the prospect of being able to date Ranma's other fiancees now that
they no longer had a reason to chase him....   
       Mikado sat on the far end of the bench, looking like he'd
rather be anywhere else.  On his right was his bodyguard Chance,
ever vigilant, and on his left, his skating partner Azuza was busy
grabbing various decorations while giving them all french names. 
Mikado sighed inwardly, maybe he could find the pig-tailed girl
during the reception and ask her for a date.  The thought perked
him right up....

       Hikaru Gosunkugi twirled a five inch nail along his fingers
as he watched the proceedings get underway.  While he had
promised not to interfere with the ceremony, even though no one
had considered him a real threat, he still had the power within him
to make their lives miserable if he wished.  But deep down,
Gosunkugi knew he wouldn't do anything to hurt Akane....

       Principal Kunou had an evil smile on his face.  He could picture it
now.  Every single person in the wedding photos with a bowl cut....

       Sasuke Sarugakure adjusted his collar for the thousandth time
and took another glance at his master, who sat stoned-faced beside
Nabiki.  If it hadn't been for her, Kunou would have most likely
launched an attack by now.  He wondered what she could have
promised him to make him behave....

       Tatewaki Kunou glowered in his seat.  Why was he allowing
this... this... charade to continue!  Kunou made a motion to rise to his
feet only to have Nabiki claw his arm.  She glared at him and made
it clear he would be very sorry if he opened his mouth.  Kunou sat
still and pouted.  At least he still has his beloved pig-tailed
goddess to admire from afar....

       "First the whole Kelley Strugg thing, and now this.  Oh Ranma
darling.  I'm going to rip your throat out...."  Kodachi sighed as she sat
quietly on the floor.  She could hear the distant sound of a bird flying by
the window of her cell.  "Protective Custody" they called it.  Protective
for whom?  Ranma?  Herself?  Anyone who had been responsible for this
sham of a wedding?  Kodachi would have her revenge, as soon as they let
her out of here.  She couldn't help but wonder why the walls were padded....

       Ukyou gave a small smile as she watched the couple say their
vows.  She had lost the war but she was glad that Ranma had finally
found happiness.  She knew someday she would too and that Ranchan
and her would always be friends for the rest of their lives....          

       Tsubasa gave a cute smile to Ukyou.  He was dressed as a
giant marshmallow and couldn't be happier with this turn of events. 
While he knew Ukyou wouldn't warm up to him for some time to come,
he knew he had a chance now....        

       Konatsu was dead, having been hit by a bus while crossing
the street to attend the wedding.  The funeral was to be held tomorrow
for anyone who wanted to attend....

       Mousse couldn't help shaking his head as he considered how this whole
thing had come around.  This entire wedding was happening because of his
screw-up.  Only it wasn't really a screw-up since Shampoo was now
finally free for him.  He wished she could have been here with him but
he knew she would have gone ballistic.  Cologne had made the right
choice by keeping her at the Nekohanten....

       Shampoo-neko screeched with absolute fury as she clawed
the metal bars of her cage.  She did not spend her entire life learning
the ways of the amazon only to be betrayed.  To have her love taken
from her without so much as an explanation.  Someone was going to
pay for this dearly....

       Ryouga released a small sigh as he watched the loving couple
in front of him get hitched.  He would normally be extremely depressed
right now at the prospect of Akane getting married but since he had
reunited and once again fallen in love with his old girlfriend, Ami,
he could bear to see Akane finally go.
      At one point, Ryouga had almost allowed himself to fall in love with
Akari who was in essence a substitute for Akane.  As he gave a loving
glance at Ami, he knew he had chosen her because he truly loved her. 
Just because she had the same hairstyle as Akane, and her name began
with an A and she was cute when she smiled didn't... mean... uh oh....

       Ami returned Ryouga's glance while thinking.  "Eat your
heart out Usagi, Minako, Rei and Makoto!  You can keep Tux-Boy! 
This hunk is MINE!!"           

       Kasumi Tendo wiped a tear from her eye.  She always got so
emotional at weddings and this time was no exception.  She was so
happy for both of her sisters.  Now she could finally relax a bit and
perhaps even go out on dates, something she had denied herself for
some time.  She smiled as she looked over at her current date for the

       Dr. Tofu Ono saw Kasumi smiling at him and he returned it
with one of his own.  He should have started wearing sunglasses a
long time ago.  Now he could be with the one he loved without acting
like a jackass.  Maybe now that Akane and Nabiki were leaving the
dojo, Kasumi would have some more time to have fun....

       Nabiki Tendo saw that Kunou had finally calmed down enough so
she could return her attention to the wedding.  She had taken a big step
by agreeing to marry Kunou in order to ensure happiness for his sister
but then again, he was rich and though he was a fool, she was certain
she could mold him into a fine man in a few years or so....

       Genma Saotome wiped a tear away from the corner of his
eyes and gave the hand of his wife, Nodoka, a gentle squeeze. 
Nodoka returned it, her face already wet with her tears of joy.  They
watched the proceedings together, happy memories of their own
wedding flooding both their minds.                                                                                                                     

       Soun Tendo bawled uncontrollably.  No one was a bit surprised.
       Ranma smiled as he gazed upon his new bride, knowing that
he had finally found the one person he was destined to spend the rest
of his life with.  Ranma turned to face his new lifemate and was about
to say something but couldn't find the proper words to express what
he was feeling at that moment. 

       "Ranma?"  his bride inquired.

       "Y... Yeah?"  Ranma nervously replied.
       "I... I love you."  She gave him a smile that lit up the room,
her eyes filled with the tears of joy, of happiness that knew no bounds.

       "I... I love you too, Cologne."

       No further words were necessary as they embraced one another
for a kiss... the first of many to come and a future yet unwritten
between them, yet a glorious one to be sure.

       Akane snuck a glance at the newly wed couple as she returned her
attention to her own husband-to-be.   "I shall forever cherish our
love...."  she finished with tears in her eyes.

       "By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife."

       Akane giggled with surprise as her new husband suddenly
leapt onto her and rubbed his head against her breasts.

       "Oh Akane!  You've made an old man so happy!"  Happosai
bawled as he blew his nose into the pair of panties he had just stolen
from her.  Akane smiled and pulled his head from her chest long
enough to give the lecher a sweet kiss on the lips....       

       As the entire room broke into applause, Mousse glanced at
the empty bottle of love potion in his hand and then quickly tucked it
back into his robes.  There were some things that weren't meant to be

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