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For your viewing pleasure, Mystery Science Theater 6.7! This is a long-running series that has stood the test of time. Featuring Joel and his robot pals, Crow and Tom, MST6.7 continues to be a Fan-Fiction Mailing List, Shinji's Vault of MSTings, and Web Site #9 favorite! Now with twenty-eight episodes and also four additional shorties, combined with numerous collaborations stretching over three years, Megane 6.7 has riffed on all sorts of bad writings. He's taken on Oscar, Dr. Thinker, Mike Rhea, the horrors of numerous **SCENE CHANGES**, and still comes out swinging every time!

Also included here is Megane 6.7's archive of anime fanfiction. He's done both Ranma and Sailor Moon with a good amount of success in both places. It must be the fact that he knows what to avoid!


As you see on the left, we have added the archive of Chicken Ball Awards shows from 1997, 1999, and 2002.  We hope you enjoy!
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