The Chicken Ball Awards!

For many years, since the late 90's, Megane 6.7 and many others have brought to you the awards show to end all awards shows, for the FFML and rec.arts.anime.creative... the Chicken Ball Awards!  Many fanfics have been praised (sometimes in backhanded ways) through the years, and many characters have shown up to both present and accept these awards.  For a trip back in time, not only to laugh once more at love and awards shows but to also see great fanfics from all sorts of places... we invite you to the wackiness that is the Chicken Ball Awards!

And be careful... you never know when the Chicken Cannon will fire!  (Hint... it's towards the end...)

Chicken Ball Awards 1997

Chicken Ball Awards 1997: Part 1 and Part 2
Here's where it all began!  Check out the fun and antics as the poor people from FFML and RAAC try to put on their first show!
Text Version part 1
Text Version part 2

Chicken Ball Awards 1999

Awards Banner 1999
Chicken Ball Awards 1999: Part 1 and Part 2
Join us for the craziness again!  New presenters... or at least old presenters presenting different categories!  Of course, Megane 6.7 is there... he kinda has to be, as he's the host and all...  Don't forget to check out the interviews with some of the honorees of the Chicken Ball awards: SKJAM & Zagyg; Ronny Hedin; Zen; and John Biles, Paul Gallegos, and David Tai.
Text Version part 1
Text Version part 2
Text Version - Interviews

Chicken Ball Awards 2002

Awards Banner 2002

Chicken Ball Awards 2002 :
It's tons of fun and gags as the Chicken Balls debut for the millennium!  It's the same old presenters... no, wait, it's TERRIFIC VETERANS of the presenting process giving us their comedy for another amazing year!  Don't miss... well, everything!  Just like the last Chicken Ball Awards, we have terrific interviews of the writers of Urusei Yatsura: The Senior Year, Fred Herriot and Mike Smith , as well as Brian Randall , this year's big Ball winner!
Text Version
Text Version - Interview of Fred Herriot and Mike Smith
Text Version - Interview of Brian Randall

Hey folks, stay tuned to this page for any future Chicken Ball Award news as well.  You never know when the urge may strike to celebrate the best in fanfiction again, and if you're interested in assisting in any way with our little awards show, please be sure to send an email to or and we'll see what we can do!

Until then... enjoy your old Chicken Balls!
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