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Mystery Science Theater 6.7

Welcome to the horror that is Mystery Science Theater 6.7!
WATCH: as two Mad Scientists try to torture our heroes with bad fanfics!
HEAR: as our plucky heroes riff 'em all and keep comin' back for more!
MARVEL: at the amazing and astounding invention exchanges!

YOU'LL LAUGH at bad grammar!
YOU'LL CRY as some of the worst authors of fanfiction are put under the microscope!
And maybe, just maybe, this world will be a better place.

To your left we have a series of links that we think will be helpful in choosing what kind of MST you'd like to read. Megane 6.7 warns you however that some paths contain lemon series and would please ask that you are over eighteen years of age in order to read such MSTs. Don't worry, we'll wait... MSTs that riff on mature content will be clearly marked.

NOTE FOR 12-NOV: Everything's up and ready for your perusal! Enjoy!

Finished: 12-Nov-00