The Good Doctor of Bad Fanfiction is In!

Dr. Thinker is one the the great sports in fanfiction. He's also a good idea guy, and comes up with some of the stranger plots on the FFML and reading lists. Only one downside to this, however... the words themselves are so skewered, only Dr. T can really read them! In the department of "What the heck is he saying?!" is Megane 6.7 with a few pages from the "Great Guide of MST6.7"!

104-"Judge Brainitite" (1997)-Dr. Thinker is another fanfic author that has received fame and recognition for his unique style of writing. His stories often use original ideas and characters that you won't see anywhere else. Unfortunately, his stories are also virtually incomprehensible and feature grammar that'll have you scratching your head for weeks as to what's really going on. This particular story has a mysterious judge putting the Sailor Scouts on trial for crimes against the Negaverse. Various characters, mostly old foes of the Scouts, are brought forward to testify and in the end, only the judge can decide their fates.
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110-"Sailor Moon Meets Father Christmas" (1997)- Another Dr. Thinker original. This one has the Clauses hiring the Sailor Scouts to investigate the routine midnight bombing of their fanfiction factory in Eros, Ohio. Why the Clauses would have a factory full of fanfiction and how they manage to rebuild it every night before it's blown up again is never explained but nevertheless, the Scouts agree to take the case and after learning some truly shocking revelations about Santa, they finally track down the saboteur responsible and a battle ensues. If you read this story, and I hope you will, I only ask one favor of you... please do NOT reveal the SURPRISE ending to 'Sailor Moon Meets Father Christmas'. Thank you.
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305-"A Christmas Fit for a Pokemon" (1999)- Dr. T returns for the holidays with a story that has Ash struggling to find the perfect Pokemon Christmas gift for Misty. At least, that's the only thing that I've been able to be fairly certain of is happening. A lot of other stuff happens with Brock, Team Rocket, Gary and the others but I'll be darned if I know what. Still, the story is cute and Dr. Thinker has always been a good sport for being MSTed and I thank him for that.
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