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Sailor Moon Lemons

When Sailor Moon comes up, lemon tendencies usually follow shortly thereafter. Some are really good efforts; check out Megane's fic archive as a matter of fact to see one, and many more are in the hentai webring that is hosted by our parent webprovider, Nabiki Tendo... on the other hand, we offer some efforts that fall a bit short. Instead of lemonade, they produce some of the most bitter juice you'll ever read! From the "Great Guide of MST3k", here's Megane 6.7 introducing his MSTs!

**Warning**: These fics contain mature content. We ask you to please be responsible in the downloading and reading of this material. Also, if you are offended by such material, we ask kindly that you not read it in the first place. Thank you.

101-"Games" (1997)-Aino Minako stars in this no-brainer Sailor Moon lemon. Mina leaves the local arcade after having an incomprehensible chat with Andrew and finds herself kidnapped by an unknown assailant and subjected to sexual pleasure against her will. As usual with this type of lemon, the victim soon finds herself in ecstasy and begs for more from her tormentor. This lemon also involves dialogue that sounds dubbed, inane plot twists including one at the end that'll have you either groaning or chuckling, as well as *lickering* aplenty.
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202-"Virgin Warrior Sailor Moon" (1998)- Tsukino Shingo has made a huge mistake and it's up to Virgin Warrior Sailor Moon to show him the error of his ways. And boy does she EVER. Our story begins with an author's rant on the evils of DIC and how Sailor Moon should have been left untouched. Such a rant might have been more effective had the story following it not broken every possible rule of canon in the book. The story, such as it is, has Usagi acting even more ditzy than usual and when she catches him stealing her panties, she punishes him the lemony way with the help of her friends. But despite this *punishment*, Shingo does gets his in the end.
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205-"Trapped" (1998)- From the people who brought you 'Titanic'... okay, maybe not. But I found a few disturbing similarities to that movie when MSTing this lemon story that has Tsukino Usagi and her brother, Shingo, trapped inside of a bathroom after two tectonic plates slam together. With their oxygen running out and Usagi having forgotten that she can change into Sailor Moon, she decides to make her little brother a man after hearing of his virginal regrets. A surprisingly sweet and touching ending if you can get past the incest and the two or three rather large plot contrivances leading up to it.
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209-"Triangle Tangle" (1998)- Mina and Darien are having an affair... or maybe they were just bored, I don't know. Anyway, they run into Malachite wreaking havoc and attempt to stop him but fail miserably. They find themselves transported to the SUPER SECRET LEMONY ROOM OF LUST and Malachite fondles Venus until she realizes the longer she resists, the longer the scene will drag on. Soon, Tux-Boy, Malachite and Venus are involved in a threesome and the entire kidnapping thing is but a memory. Next, please....
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306-"9-Ball Dreams" (1999)- What do you get when you put Tom Cruise in a Sailor Moon lemon with Ami Andersen? You get a lemony remake of the 'Color of Money' that has Ami falling head over heels in love with the game of pool and Cruise, reprising his role as Vincent, giving her a pool lesson that leads to them using the pool table in more ways than one. Lita also co-stars as the neglected girlfriend of the mysterious Ken, who seems to have a lot of skeletons in his closet. Also, of note, is a small but enjoyable lemon scene between Aino Mina and Tsukino Usagi, an extended cameo with Paul Newman, and in a 'blink and you'll miss him' moment, the late Jackie Gleason.
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