On guard against internet spam: Megane 6.7!

Spam is something that comes to all of us, some more than most if they have world wide web mailboxes. However, there is a way to fight back... by making fun of it! Megane 6.7 has found some of the most idiotic spams ever posted to everyones' mailboxes, and proceeds to rip into them as only Joel and the 'Bots can! From the "Great Guide of MST6.7", he will introduce his MSTs!

101- "Subliminally Seduce Women Instantly!" (1999)- Are you tired of the whole dating scene? Are you sick of enduring months of repetitive, boring dates in order to get to know a woman as a person? Well, suck it up, booby, because chances are pretty slim that this AMAZING product that claims to give you the power to convince a woman to skip the dating process and get right to the sex actually works. But hey, don't take my word for it, judge for yourself.
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102- "The Ugliest Women On The Net!" (1999)- Yes, people actually think this stuff up, believe it or not. This spam e-mail attempts to entice you with the sensual and earthly delights of the fleshy, grotesque and oddities contained within, and I quote, "the world's most spectacular archive of skanky nudie photos." I took the web address off this e-mail for a very good reason and after reading this e-mail, I think you'll understand why.
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103- "Pheromones" (1999)- Ah, pheromones... chances are you've heard of this miracle sex drug that can lead to hormonally induced love... but only if you're willing to pay forty bucks for an eighth of an ounce. Hey, who can resist a deal like that? And with sworn testimonials by Dave J. and Tom the Tractor Driver, you will believe that pheromones can fly. We follow this up with a spam e-mail on how to remove spam with more spam. Confused yet? I was! Actually, I still kinda am....
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104- "The Internet Spy and You!!" (1999)- Everyone has their little secrets, everyone has a skeleton in their closet, everyone is hiding something specifically from you. What can you do? Why, dive headfirst into paranoia with this computer program that will let you track down anything animal, vegetable or mineral. After all, why would anyone need to hide anything if they weren't planning to use it against YOU. But now you can beat them to the punch and show them that you won't be kept in the dark anymore. Unless, of course, you're a Mac user.
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105- "The Secret Flaw!" (2000)- Out in the wilds of California there lies (literally) a secret organization dedicated to converting your useless American money into more money automatically! With no risk! Of course, you have to pay for this fantabulous service, but what today DON'T you have to pay for? Anyway, you should know that this great and wonderful organization is on the up-and-up with all the ringing endorsements that they've received from every news outlet that's ever existed, along with the completely logical explanation they give for being able to do this... wait, we never saw it. Well, if anyone else knows how they do it, tell us please?
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106- "Hunza Diet Bread" Join us for the newest fad diet, one that would make Dr. Atkins roll over in his thirty-percent thinner grave! One that would make Dr. Phil chuckle and pass the buttered escargots to Oprah! We have a slightly-unbalanced husband and wife act in this one, who claim this bread can do everything except be nominated for President. Watch the carbs flow free and the weight... well, it'll still stick around...
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