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Welcome to one of the greatest sideshow acts in all of fanfiction, Oscar! He's a helluva guy that always seems to get his cat and save the world, all in the same afternoon. For your viewing pleasure, MST6.7 has tackled three of his fanfics without suffering many casualties. From the "Great Guide of MST6.7", here's Megane 6.7 with the fics!

**Warning**: These fics contain mature content. We ask you to please be responsible in the downloading and reading of this material. Also, if you are offended by such material, we ask kindly that you not read it in the first place. Thank you.

102-"Artemis's Lover" (1997)-One of the most controversial fanfics of all time and widely considered the worst fanfic of 1997. This self-insertion lemon in which a 13 year old hermaphrodite named Oscar becomes obsessed with winning the heart (and virtue) of the feline, Artemis, has achieved legendary status with fanfic writers and readers alike. And although Oscar's ego-gratification isn't nearly as obnoxious as it would become in his later works, he still wins Artemis's heart very quickly after saving his life from a gang of alley cats and from there on... well... you know.
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As well, Megane 6.7 has provided a director's commentary on the writing of "Artemis' Lover". We invite you to read a story of blood, sweat, and sweatdrops, a story of an aspiring MSTer and the MST that became infamous.
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201-"That Girl" (1998)- The original hermaphrodite of fanfiction returns to continue his reign of ego. A new student, bravely played by Darkstalker's Felicia, has transferred to Oscar's school, and within seconds of seeing Oscar she falls head over heels in love with him. Oscar pretends to stay true to Artemis long enough for Felicia to find another boyfriend only to discover he's cheating on her. This, of course, allows Oscar to shamelessly rip off a scene from 'End of Summer' in order to get Felicia in the sack, strictly to help her forget, mind you. Then there's the glorious aftermath where Oscar commits mass murder to cover up his affair and keep Artemis in blissful ignorance. Strangely enough, I really enjoyed MSTing this.
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206-"Oscar Toon" (1998)- Oscar's back and he's loonier than ever! With the help of a stroking white beam, Oscar finds himself in Looney Tune Land where he immediately begins to cause mischief. It isn't long before he runs into Fifi and once again, it's love at first sight. Same goes for Lola, who falls for the self- insertion charm like a 10 ton anvil from Acme. But cheating on Artemis with two furry women still isn't enough for Oscar as he picks fights with various toons and teaches them dangerous ki-blasts to maim each other before finally coming face to face with the being that sent him here. Gee, I wonder who's going to win THAT fight?
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The Oscar Papers: This is a series of emails between Megane 6.7 and J. Kazos Jr. outlining some very pertinent issues regarding authors such as Oscar who have their works MSTed, relations with MST authors, and other issues. Megane and I both invite you to read these essays for a positive outlook on MSTing throughout the Internet.

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