"Format exists for one reason only....to be broken."
- Anonymous


11:20 P.M. 

   It was a dark and stormy night.  Suddenly, a shout rang out.
   "I am Sailor Moon, champion of injustice!  In the name of the
moon, I will wrong rights and triumph over good....!"

   Sailor Moon, dressed in a skimpy white sailor uniform with
black trimmings, finished making her gestures and then pointed her
finger accusingly at the terrified victim as she finished her infamous

   "...and that means YOU."

   The man, a middle aged commuter on his way home from
work, took a step back, his face betraying his fear.  "Y-You're that evil
sailor girl who's been beating up innocent people and stealing their

   "Give the man a prize...."  Sailor Moon replied with an evil grin
as she began to stalk towards him. 

   "P-Please, I beg you, d-don't kill me!"  The man fell to his knees
and clasped his hands together, pleading for his life.

   "Oh, you'll be begging me all right...."  Sailor Moon remarked
as she slowly pulled out her crescent moon wand.  As she started to go
through the motions, the man, realizing the danger, made a break for it. 

   He ran away from the girl at top speed, determined to gain as
much distance as humanly possible.  In his panicked state, he failed to
notice a couple of figures just ahead of him.  He looked up just in time for
Sailor Jupiter to land a powerful kick to the stomach.

   The man doubled over in pain, gasping for breath.  Then he
felt a gentle hand on his shoulder.  He turned around to see Sailor Mercury  
giving him a warm smile... just before she drove her knee hard into his

   Sailor Jupiter laughed, surprisingly the sound was pleasant and
gentle with no trace of the malice she had displayed earlier.  Sailor Mercury
hooked the man's arms in a full nelson while Sailor Jupiter ran her
fingers over his cheek.

   "He looks just like my old boyfriend...."  Jupiter remarked as she
continued to examine him.  Then she lashed out with a punch, and then

   Soon the man was on his hands and knees, unsuccessfully trying
to protect his body as both Jupiter and Mercury beat the crap out of him,
raining blow after blow on him.  When they were finished, the man
wasn't dead but he wasn't moving either....

   "Hey guys!  Save some for me!"  A voice called out. 
   The man struggled to rise, to escape these sadists at any cost. 
Then he felt someone's fingers run through his hair and painfully jerk his
head up.  The man found himself looking at a pair of red high heels.  The
woman, whom he now realized was Sailor Mars, lifted one of her shoes
right in front of the pacifist's face.

   "Lick it...."  the voice demanded.

    The man swallowed hard and hesitated.   

   "What's the matter?  Afraid to take pleasure when it's offered to
you?  Now lick my shoe or I'll set your hair on fire!"  Sailor Mars threatened.

   With great reluctance, the man leaned forward and stuck out his
tongue.  Sailor Mars smirked and suddenly kicked the man in the face  
before he could lick her.  "Dream on, hentai!  As if I'd give you the
pleasure...."  Mars scoffed as Jupiter began to laugh again.

   "We've wasted enough time on this pathetic excuse for a man." 
Sailor Moon said as she approached her friends and the beaten man, once
again preparing to use the crescent moon wand.  The man closed his eyes,
praying for a quick death....

   Suddenly, a bolt of black energy struck Sailor Mars in the back,
sending her spawling to the ground.  The other sailors looked up in
surprise to see Jadeite floating in the sky.

   "Sailor Senshi!  In the name of the Dark Kingdom, I order you to
release your prisoner or suffer the consequences!"  Jadeite proclaimed as
he prepared another energy surge in the palm of his hand.

   "This is a private party, Jadeite!  Members of the Moon
Kingdom only!"  Sailor Moon shot back as she motioned her friends to

   "SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE!"  Jupiter screamed as she
unleashed her electricity attack on Jadeite.  The blast bounced harmlessly
off an invisible shield that had formed around Jadeite as he pressed his
attack.  Realizing she couldn't use projectile attacks against him, Jupiter
gave a quick signal to Mercury.  

   Mercury nodded and unleashed her Shabon Spray Attack,
enveloping the area with a thick fog.  Jupiter broke into a run, charging
towards Jadeite, intending to take him down with her fists while Mercury
snuck up on him from behind....

   Only to be surprised when they met each other in the middle
and discovered that Jadeite had disappeared.

   "He's gone."  Sailor Mercury said, matter-of-factly.

   "What the fu...!  W-Where did he go?"  Sailor Jupiter frantically
looked from side to side.


    Mercury and Jupiter looked towards the shout and were
shocked to see their leader pointing towards the sky, where Jadeite was
now levitating into the sky with the injured man cradled in his arms.

   "MOON... TIARA... ACTION!!!"  Sailor Moon said as she
unleashed her most powerful attack at the dark kingdom general.  To her
dismay, the general raised a gloved hand and stopped the tiara right in
its tracks where it proceeded to fall harmlessly to the ground.

   "Your days of tormenting innocents such as this poor soul are
coming to an end, Sailor Moon!  Long live Queen Beryl!"  Jadeite
proclaimed as a portal opened up behind him, giving him easy access to  
the Dark Kingdom and safety....

   But he never reached it as a suddenly blast of yellow light put
a hole in his shoulder.  Jadeite cried out in pain as he struggled
desperately to maintain his grip on the injured man.

   "Looks like our days aren't as numbered as you thought!" 
Sailor Venus remarked as she stepped out of the shadows to stand beside
her leader.  Sailor Moon smiled as she wrapped her arms around Venus
and gave her a passionate kiss.  "You've earned a special treat for
tonight...."  Moon whispered into Venus's ear as she gently nibbled on

   "V-Venus...."  Jadeite whispered.

   With her arms still around Sailor Moon, Venus looked up at
him and exclaimed.  "Oh, I'm sorry!  Did I forget to cry out *Venus
Crescent Beam* in time for you to raise your protective shield?  Silly
me!"   Venus said with a wicked smile as she finally released her lover
and pulled out her power stick.  "But don't worry Jadeite, I won't forget
to call out my attack this time.  VENUS... LOVE ME... CHAIN!!!"

   An energy chain suddenly surrounded Sailor Venus as she waved
her power stick.  Then the chain leapt towards Jadeite and looped itself
around the neck of the man, transforming into a noose.  Jadeite frantically
tried to undo the chain only to have Venus and all the other sailor senshi
join together in pulling the other end of the chain as hard as they
could, making for a very deadly game of tug of war. 

   The man gasped for air, his eyes bugging out as the pressure
from the chain began to crush his windpipe.  His face was turning a very
unhealthy shade of purple as Jadeite desperately tried to help him but the
general's injury and need to hold the man up, made it next to impossible. 
Jadeite glanced down at the evil sailor girls, knowing they wouldn't give up
until the man was dead.  Then Jadeite looked at his escape portal, still
awaiting entry.  Reluctantly, he knew what he had to do....

   The senshi were yanking the chain for all they were worth,
hoping to hear the sound of bones popping when Jadeite suddenly released
the injured man, causing him to drop from the sky like a stone.  His cry of
surprise was short as he landed with a sickening crunch on the hard
pavement.  The senshi stared at the body for a moment giving Jadeite the
time he needed to quietly slip into the portal, his hands pulsating with
raw energy.  When the senshi looked back up, Jadeite was gone.

   "Some hero... sacrificing the hostage to save himself."  Sailor
Mars muttered.

   "You're just pissed off because he got the drop on you first." 
Sailor Jupiter replied with a smirk.

   Mars gave a cold glare at Jupiter who smiled in return.  Then
they turned to see Sailor Moon leaning over the corpse.  "Damn him!  Jadeite
took his energy before dropping him!  He's just an empty shell now!"  Moon
growled as she viciously slammed a fist down into the body's chest before
rising to her feet.

   "At least Jadeite didn't save him either...."  Mercury pointed out.

   "No, but he took his energy, energy that will only make him
more of a threat the next time we have to deal with him."  Mars retorted.

   "We should have been better prepared...."  Moon snapped as she
turned to face her comrades.  "This is the forth time the Dark Kingdom has
tried to undermine our cause.  Because of him, we've lost two potential
sources of energy and we lost Tuxedo Mask!"

   Mars snorted.  "Tux-Boy was a little wuss!  Him and that
stupid rose of his...."

   Jupiter giggled, remembered how pathetic Mamoru looked with
his own rose sticking through both sides of his neck before he died.

   "Nonetheless, he's one less person we have to fight against the
Dark Kingdom!"  Sailor Moon admonished the group.  Then she turned to
Venus and her expression softened.   "At least there's ONE person I can
count on around here." 

   Venus blushed at the compliment while the other senshi gave her
the stare of death.  Then Sailor Mercury yawned, prompting the others
to do the same.  "We'd better go home and get some sleep before school
starts."  Mercury said as she turned to leave.

   Jupiter nodded her agreement.  "I don't know about the rest of
you, but I'm sleeping in tomorrow."

   "Okay, but be sure to meet us outside the school at lunchtime. 
We have to plan our next attack for tomorrow night."  Moon reminded
Jupiter as she left the premises.  Mars stretched out her tired body and
winced as the pain of Jadeite's blast was still present as she departed,
leaving Sailor Moon and Venus alone on the sidewalk.  Venus
immediately went behind Moon and gently draped her arms over her
shoulders, taking hold of Moon's hands.  Venus then began to kiss the
nape of her neck, causing Sailor Moon to gasp in pleasure....

   "Ohhh... that feels good."  Sailor Moon moaned, allowing her
friend full access to her body.  As Venus continued to pleasure Sailor
Moon, her thoughts briefly drifted to Jadeite and how she would make
him pay for his interference.  It was only a matter of time before the
Moon would rule over all and eliminate the Dark Kingdom forever.
   Then Usagi allowed herself to completely relax, beginning to
return the pleasure that Venus was making her feel right now.  As Venus
felt Usagi's hand up her skirt, gently caressing one of her cheeks, she
whispered in her ear to go somewhere a little more public, since the
streets now seemed to be deserted with the coming rain.  Usagi happily
agreed, knowing Minako got a big thrill from doing it in front of others,
making it all the more fun....

   Soon they were gone, leaving behind the corpse of the pacifist,
his face forever frozen in a mask of horror and fear, his unblinking eyes
staring up into the sky as if still pleading for the savior that failed him. 

   The rain gently fell, bringing with it a cold wind....

(Fade to Black)


(A Sailor Moon Fanfic)

From the Desk of Megane 6.7

This is a work of Fiction.  All Characters and Landmarks, are the
property of Naoko Takeuchi, Saban, DIC, and anyone else who legally
owns the rights. 

This fanfic isn't a lemon but it does contain mature content and brutal
violence.  Also, if you prefer the American names for the senshi
to the Japanese ones, replace them now with your word processors or
forever hold your piece.  Enjoy!  ;)

8:15 A.M.

   Rei stretched out her arms lightly, her mouth open in a yawn. 
She winced slightly as a sharp pain went up her spine, a reminder of last
night's injury suffered at the hands of Jadeite.  Beside her stood Ami,
quietly reading her journal, occasionally making a note or two with
her pen. 

   A moment later, the door opened, revealing Usagi's mother. 
"Good morning, you two!"  She exclaimed cheerfully as she stepped
aside to let them into the house.  "Usagi's still sleeping with her friend,
Minako, but I'll tell them you're here."  Mrs. Tsukino smiled as she
lead them into the kitchen where her husband was eating his breakfast. 
He glanced up at the new arrivals and nearly choked when he noticed
Rei was one of them.  Rei gave him a small smile that went unnoticed by
Mrs. Tsukino as she left to wake her daughter, leaving him alone with
the two girls. 

   "N-Nice to see you again...."  Mr. Tsukino stammered, trying
his best to keep his composure.  Rei could understand why he was so
nervous,  considering she had once given him a blowjob under the very
table he was now sliding away from with his chair. 
   "Well... You didn't really get to *see* me last time...."  Rei replied
in a sexy whisper.  "If you still want the chance, I suggest you do so before
your wife gets back...."

   As she finished her sentence, she slowly lifted the gray skirt of
her school uniform, revealing a clean pair of white cotton panties. 
Mr. Tsukino hesitated for a moment and then looked away.  "I-I can't...." 
he replied, almost desperately.

   Rei's smile grew wider.  "I understand... You want to remain
faithful to your wife... At least, faithful to her *right now*....

   Mr. Tsukino swallowed hard, realizing her point and trying to
figure a way out of the trap she'd set for him.  "If... if I looked... would you
leave me alone?"  He asked timidly.

   Rei laughed softly.  "I think we both know if you wanted me to leave
you alone, you wouldn't have accepted the first time.  But, I suppose I can
accept your offer... for today."

   And with that, Rei allowed her skirt to fall back down.  Then she
reached underneath and slowly pulled down her panties below her knees.
She remained still for a moment before prompting.  "You'll have to lift
my skirt if you want to see it...."

   Mr. Tsukino rose to his feet and very slowly, began to walk
towards Rei.  "I suggest you hurry if you don't want your wife and daughter
walking in on us like this."  Rei warned, her smile grew as her words
caused him to move faster.  Meanwhile, Ami took no notice of any of this,
continuing to study her journal intently....

*    *    *

   "Usagi!  Rei and Ami are here!"

   Mrs. Tsukino sighed.  Although Usagi had never been a
morning person, it had been getting extremely difficult to wake her up
for school lately.  She knocked on the door again and then opened it,
planning to shake her daughter awake....

   She was surprised to see Minako and Usagi in the same bed,
the futon she had provided for Minako was barely touched.  Then she
noticed that the two of them were holding each other rather closely and
on closer examination, they appeared to be naked.  All of this lead
Mrs. Tsukino to reach a conclusion....

   "The poor dear!  Minako must have had a nightmare and
unconsciously crawled into bed with my daughter...."  Mrs. Tsukino
didn't question the nudity, since sleeping in the nude was nothing
unusual to her.  She gently placed a hand on Usagi's shoulder
prompting from her a moan of desire.  "Usagi, it's time for
school...." her mother whispered.

   Usagi groaned and then looked up to see her mother's smiling
face.  Her eyes snapped open.  "Geez, Mom!  Don't you know when to

   "I did, dear.  You wouldn't answer the door...."

   Usagi groaned again as she sat up, causing Minako to stir
beside her.  "Okay, mom, I'm up.  Can I get dressed in peace now?"

   "Of course."  Mrs. Tsukino replied as she turned to leave. 
"I made some breakfast for Minako as well.  Does she like orange juice
with her miso soup or grapefruit?"

   "I'll take Coffee.  Black."  Minako replied sleepily as she rolled
over on her stomach, in no particular hurry to rise.   As soon as Usagi's
mother had left the room, Minako sighed with pleasure.  "Last night was
wonderful, Usagi-chan...."  she purred.

   Usagi grinned.  "Which part?  When we got here or that 24 hour
convenience store we made out in?"

   "Both...."  Minako replied huskily as she ran her slender fingers
down one of Usagi's thighs.  "You are so hot, Usagi...."

   Usagi giggled.  "You should talk!  Three times in seven hours! 
You're a little minx...."

   "But I'm YOUR little minx...."  Minako corrected as she finally
got to her knees on the bed and kissed her lover.   Usagi began to respond
before remembering they had to be going.  She told Minako as much.

   "Aw... who cares about school?"  Minako whined.  "You're always
late anyway so why can't we...."

    "Later!  Come on!"  Usagi replied in a serious tone as she got off
the bed.  Minako pouted while Usagi retrieved the lingerie they had both
worn the night before and threw them into her laundry pile.  Then she
went to the closet and threw Minako one of her sailor uniforms before taking
one for herself.  "We both need to take a shower."  Usagi said matter-of-factly. 
"I'll go first and if you even think of sneaking in there with me...."

   "I'll wait here."  Minako replied, disappointment evident in her
voice as Usagi left the room.

*    *    *

   "Dear, is everything all right?"

   Mrs. Tsukino had a look of confusion on her face as she
watched her husband, his face bright red and covering his groin for
some reason, backing away from Rei as if she were welding an axe. 
Then she noticed Rei's skirt was ruffled a bit, revealing a bit of her
underwear.  "Rei, dear, you're skirt is rising up."  she warned.

   "Oh!  Thank you for telling me!  I certainly wouldn't want
any boys to look up there!"  Rei replied in an exaggerated girlish voice
as she fixed her skirt.  "I'm surprised your husband didn't mention it to
me earlier...."

   She paused for a long moment, enjoying the look of terror
etched on Mr. Tsukino's face before she slyly added.  "But then, a real
gentleman doesn't stare at a woman down there so I can see why he
didn't notice...."

    Mr. Tsukino gasped for breath then immediately gathered
himself.  "Uh... that's right!"  he agreed feebly.

   "Oh... well I'm glad I caught it before some strange boy did." 
Mrs. Tsukino said as she walked over to Ami.  "And Ami, how are
you doing in school?"

   Ami slowly looked up from her journal.  "I aced my English
essay yesterday."     

   "That's wonderful!  Your parents must be so proud!" 

   "My parents haven't been home in a month...."  Ami muttered
as she returned her attention to her journal.

   "Oh... Well, I'm sure they'll be proud when they come back...." 
Mrs. Tsukino replied hastily.  Then Usagi walked downstairs, dressed
in her school uniform.  "Hey guys."  She greeted them as she wasted
little time in sitting at the table and rapidly consumed her breakfast. 

   As she finished, she noticed how red her father's face was and
she rolled her eyes, knowing Rei had gotten to him again.  She secretly
wished her mother would divorce the fool and marry someone better. 
Her mother had always let her do whatever she wanted and it bothered
Usagi that her mother couldn't be as carefree as she was....

   Then Minako came downstairs still looking a little groggy.  She
gratefully accepted the cup of coffee from Mrs. Tsukino and was about to
sit down to eat when Usagi grabbed her arm.

   "No time now.  We have to hurry or we'll be late for school!" 
Usagi admonished as she turned to leave, dragging a hungry Minako
behind her.  Fortunately, Mrs. Tsukino tossed her a bran muffin before
she could get too far.   Rei followed close behind and Ami, a moment

   "Have a nice day!"  Mrs. Tsukino called out to the group
before closing the door.  She turned to face her husband who was still
looking nervous as he prepared to leave.

   "Oh dear... I think they're working you too hard down at the
office.  Maybe we should consider taking a vacation...."  Mrs. Tsukino
said, concern in her voice.

   "Uh, sure...."  Mr. Tsukino replied as he turned to kiss her
good-bye, praying she couldn't smell anything on his breath....

*    *    *

   "So what did you do to him this time?"  Usagi muttered, not
really interested in hearing the answer.

   Rei chuckled to herself.  "Let's just say the rest of his day will
be boring compared to the last five minutes...."

   "You're disgusting!"  Minako spat.

   Rei glared at Minako.  "Who are you to talk, you little...."

   "Guys!"  Usagi interrupted.  "I'm not in the mood for another
cat fight!  We're supposed to be a team!  It's no wonder the Dark
Kingdom has been beating us lately...."

   With the mention of the Dark Kingdom, Rei's eyes blazed with
anger.  "I'm gonna make Jadeite pay for what he did to me...."

   "You think he liked it *THAT* much?"  Minako replied,

   Rei raised a fist, ready to knock out a couple of Minako's
teeth when Usagi leapt in front of the two.  "THIS is exactly what I'm
talking about!  Rei, you go on ahead and cool down!"

   Rei fixed her best hate-filled glare at Minako before going on
ahead.  Minako stuck her tongue out before Usagi grabbed it between
her fingers.  Usagi closed her eyes and lowered her head.  "I wouldn't
push my luck with her, Minako.  She's going to belt you someday and I
can't always protect you.  So do me a favor and keep the sarcasm to
yourself, okay?"  Usagi pleaded as she released Minako's tongue.

   "Okay."  Minako replied, trying her best to look innocent. 
Usagi sighed but decided to let it pass for now.  "Anyway, where's
Makoto?  She didn't go to school ahead of us, did she?"

   "Nope."  Minako replied.

   Usagi sighed again.  "That's what I was afraid of....Okay, can
you go over to the arcade and try to get her to stop thinking about
Motoki long enough to get to class.  None of us can afford to get
detention, especially today."

   "Why?  What's so important about today?"  Minako inquired.

   Usagi smiled.  "Luna came to me in a vision again.  She told
me there's a new source of energy just ripe for the picking...."

*    *    *

8:20 A.M.

   Makoto leaned over Motoki's shoulder, watching as he
played the Sailor V video game.  A year ago, Minako would have
been in seventh heaven being this close to him.  Now it was more like
seventh hell, yet she couldn't pull herself away....

   Before Motoki, she had loved only one boy, a boy that she had
given her heart and her virginity too.  Only to be dumped the next day. 
A cold rage filled her heart as she remembered how nonchalant he had
been about the whole thing, as if she should have been *honored* that
he spend a night with her.  But revenge came in the form of her new

   When she became Sailor Jupiter for the first time and learned
of her destiny from Luna, the first thing she had done was seek out the
boy that had taken her innocence.  Unfortunately, cruel fate stepped in
and on the night of her awakening, the boy in question was killed in a
car accident.  He died instantly without suffering a single iota of the pain
that she wanted to inflict on him so badly. 

   Having been denied her revenge, it wasn't long before she started
seeing her old boyfriend in every male she met.  She soon learned to hate
all men with a passion, taking enormous pleasure in beating them to an
inch of their life as Sailor Jupiter before Sailor Moon took their energy. 
Then, she had met Motoki.... 

   She tried to hate him, tried to see him as just another boy wanting
to use her body and throw her away.  But deep down, she knew Motoki
wasn't like that at all.  She had fallen for him hard at first, unable to stop
herself from acting all embarrassed and girlish around him.  Eventually she
gained the courage to act somewhat normal around him, inviting him out
to lunch occasionally and spending most of her free time talking and hanging
out with him in the arcade. 
   Once, she had visited him at his apartment, offering to cook a
nice dinner for him after being treated to one not so long ago.  She noticed
his apartment was a mess and wasted little time in cleaning it up, at the
same time dreaming of living there with him.  It was then that she
discovered a photo of a girl named Reika, whom Motoki confirmed was
his fiancee....

   Makoto managed to keep her composure for the rest of the
evening, discreetly finding out as much information about Motoki's
fiancee as possible and studying the picture intently when he wasn't
looking.  Then Makoto left his apartment, made a beeline towards Usagi's
house and begged her that Reika be the senshi's next target, even though
her energy level was hardly worth the trouble.  Usagi, realizing how
important this was to Makoto, reluctantly agreed.

       Makoto knew Motoki would never leave his fiancee.  He was the
type of guy that would stick with her forever, no matter how lonely he
was.  She was enraged that a great guy like Motoki was spending
most of his life alone because his fiancee worked long hours and obviously
didn't give a damn about him.  The fact that Reika was considering
taking a job out of the country, possibly leaving Motoki alone for years, only
enraged her more.  This woman had to be taken out of the picture for
good.  Motoki would be hurt, at first, but Makoto would make sure she was
there for him all the way....
   And so, when the night came and Motoki's fiancee was confronted
by the senshi, Sailor Jupiter asked everyone else to leave, saying she wanted
to deal with this personally.  Usagi ordered the others to fall back to a
respectable distance while Sailor Jupiter changed back into Makoto. 

   She then proceeded to tell a shocked Reika, in no uncertain terms,
that she loved Motoki and that she was going to take care of him for the rest
of his life.  She told Reika that she was a stupid, unfeeling, uncaring bitch
and that Makoto was going to take great pleasure in teaching her a lesson. 
Then she transformed back into Sailor Jupiter and stalked towards the terrified

   Then, as the other senshi watched, Makoto proceeded to destroy
Reika, breaking and splintering her bones and ignoring her screams of
absolute agony.  As the torture continued, Reika passed out, but Makoto
simply stopped and transformed back into Sailor Jupiter, using her electricity
to jolt Reika back into consciousness before continuing her assault. 

   Finally, Reika slumped to the ground, almost every bone in her
body having been crushed, her eyes staring vacantly at nothing, her
features revealing the violent death she had just suffered.  Usagi was mildly
annoyed about that since the Reika's energy was now useless.  But she
wisely decided to let it pass as Makoto continued to assault the empty
shell that had been Reika... until there wasn't much of anything human
left at all.        

   As expected, Motoki had been horrified when he had learned
of Reika's brutal murder.  Makoto instantly assumed the role of concerned
friend, making a point to be with him whenever possible.  At one point, he
contemplated suicide but she quickly talked him out of it, saying he still
had so much to live for.  Eventually, he began to heal, Makoto helping
him the entire time.  Soon, he began to see her as a very close friend and
Makoto figured it was only a matter of time before he would eventually fall
for her....

   But what she didn't figure on was how Motoki would deal with
his loss.  When he learned from the police that the sailor senshi were
the most likely suspects for his fiancee's death, he spent the next three days
searching the streets at night with a baseball bat, screaming for the senshi to
come out and get what was coming to them.  Makoto had to beg and plead
Usagi to order the other senshi to steer clear of him, assuring them that
Motoki just needed time to calm down. 

   Eventually he did calm down, enough to stop wandering the streets
at night.  Makoto tried to convince Motoki that he had to get on with his
life and that Reika wouldn't want him to torture himself like this.  But the
next day, an article appeared in the local paper with a grainy black and white
photo of Sailor Jupiter beating Reika to a bloody pulp.  Motoki's rage had
returned with a vengeance and he started stalking the streets again, now
cursing Sailor Jupiter's name and vowing to avenge Reika's death by any
means necessary.

   That was nearly a year ago.  It had taken a long time, and a
visit to jail for disturbing the peace, to convince Motoki that he was being
foolish by trying to be a vigilante.  Makoto had reluctantly backed off a bit,
deciding Motoki would not be ready for a new relationship any time
soon and settled into playing the part of the concerned friend for a while.               
She knew he was grateful to her and that her loyalty would pay off

   But it still hurt to be this close to him and not be able to tell him
how she really felt.  She wanted to make him happy, to cook and clean
for him, to make love to him and give him pleasure, to grow old with

   Makoto could feel tears welling up in her eyes and she raised a
hand to wipe them away but was too slow to prevent a drop from falling
on Motoki's shoulder.  He glanced up, startled and immediately stopped
playing his game when he noticed her tears.  "Makoto, what's wrong?"
he asked, concern evident in his voice.

   "I... I just... It's...."  Makoto stammered, unable to finish her
sentence without betraying her feelings.  Then she suddenly threw her
arms around him, sobbing into his chest.  Motoki was at a loss as to
why she was crying but he didn't protest her actions, gently placing a
hand on the back of her head, trying to offer whatever comfort he

   "Hey, Makoto!"  A voice suddenly rang out.

   Makoto looked up to see Minako standing by the door, a smirk
evident on her face.  "I hate to break up your little party but you're going
to be late for school if you don't get moving."

   Makoto's eyes narrowed.  Oh, how she wished she could
slap that grin right off of Minako's face.  "I'll... I'll be along in a minute,
okay?"  she replied, sniffing.

   "Whatever."  Minako replied, giving a wink to Motoki before
leaving the arcade.  Makoto quickly gathered herself and turned to leave.

   "Wait, Makoto!"  Motoki cried out.

   Makoto paused and turned back.  "Yes, Motoki?

   "Why were you crying anyway?"  he asked, perplexed.

   Makoto smiled, he was so sweet to worry about her.  "I've
just had a rough few days is all.  I needed to vent my frustrations and
I guess it overwhelmed me.  I'm sorry I had to cry on your shoulder...."

   Motoki waved it off.  "Don't worry about it.  You've always
been here for me and I want to be there for you.  You can cry on my
shoulder anytime...."

    "Motoki... I...."  She began, her heart screaming at her to
say what was on her mind.  "T-Thank you...."  She finished as she
quickly left the arcade, blushing furiously.  Motoki stared after her
until she was out of sight.

*    *    *

   "Ami?  What are you writing in that journal now?"

   Ami glanced up to see Usagi peering over her shoulder
curiously.  "Just some stuff...."  Ami replied quietly as she reached into
her schoolbag to pull out a highlighter, marking a particular passage
as she continued to read. 

   Usagi sighed.  Ever since she and Minako had grown close,
her friendship with Ami had drifted apart.  Ami was constantly writing,
reading and re-reading everything she put down in that journal.  Even
in class, she worked on it non-stop.  The teachers in the school didn't
say anything about it since Ami's average had yet to slip below 95%.

   Once, Usagi had demanded that Ami let her see the journal,
making it a direct order as leader of the sailor senshi.  Ami had
complied and Usagi had been rather put out when she discovered Ami
had written it in a ancient language that no one else could began to
understand.  When Usagi asked for Ami to translate the journal, Ami
replied that the language could not be translated into Japanese without
sounding like complete gibberish.  An exasperated Usagi gave up and
figured it wasn't worth the trouble since Ami's performance as a
sailor scout had been as flawless as her schoolwork. 

   The two girls were approaching the front gates of their school  
when Rei suddenly ran out to greet them.  "Hey guys!  The school just
called an assembly.  We'd better get over to the auditorium right

*    *    *

   The crowd of students stirred restlessly in the auditorium as they
wondered why they had been called here.  Usually a meeting in the
auditorium meant something big was about to happen in the school and
the students disliked being kept in the dark about these things.

   Likewise, the five sailor senshi, in their civilian identities, were
wondering what the heck was going on.  Usagi glanced at her team.  Rei
and Minako were glaring at one another, Makoto seemed to be depressed
about something and Ami, as usual, was writing in her journal, paying
no mind to the murmurs of the crowd.

   Then the principal came out onto the stage, prompting the
students to fall silent.  "Ladies and Gentlemen...."  The principal began. 
"As of today, I will be taking a leave of absence to deal with some personal
matters.  A new principal has been appointed during my absence and I
expect you to show him the same respect and devotion to your schoolwork
as you have shown me."

   Minako yawned.  "Who cares?"  she muttered under her breath.

   "I'd like to introduce him to you now... Principal Jed, come on
up here...."

   Rei suddenly gasped as the new principal made his way to the
stage.  The other senshi turned to stare at her.  "What's wrong, Rei?"
they all whispered at once.

   "That man... he's... he's...."  Venus stammered.

   "What? What?!"  Usagi hissed.

   "He's kawaii!"  Venus finished, stars in her eyes.

   The other senshi facefaulted, then quickly resumed their place
so as to not draw attention to themselves....

*    *    *

   The new principal surveyed the group of students impassively.
Somewhere in that crowd were the five sailor senshi he sought.  And he
was going to find them, no matter how long it took.  For the sake of
the Dark Kingdom and the innocent people of Earth.

   He stepped up to the podium, taking a moment to adjust the
violet sunglasses he was wearing and then began to speak.

(Fade to Black)


Thus ends part 1.  I wasn't sure if I was ever going to continue this
alternate SM universe.  I had never written a SM fanfic before and I
wanted to give it a shot since SM seems to be a hot topic at the moment.
I'm pretty much making this up as I go along so any suggestions for part
2 would be appreciated.

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