(A Ranma 1/2 Poem)

From the Desk of Megane 6.7

This is a work of Fiction.  All Characters and Landmarks, are the
property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan Video, Kitty Films,
Viz Video, Shonen Sunday, and anyone else who legally owns the

There he stood
The fiancee I never wanted
I hated him so

Insensitive, arrogant, obnoxious
Not to mention a pervert
I wanted to scream

He was cursed
Cold water was his foe
Into a female body

Dr. Tofu Ono
The only man I loved
Forever out of reach

Morning after Morning
The boys came to fight
I conquered them all

One did persist
An idiot and stubborn fool
Poetry did he spout

Then came Ranma
Fought my battle for me
The first of many

Ryouga, Eternally Lost
I consider him my friend
But he never stays

P-Chan, my pet
Companion for when I'm sad
When he is around.

Ranma Vs Ryouga
Their battles confuse me so
Why do they fight?

Black Rose Kodachi
Insane, crafty and violent too.
Ranma's soul she seeks

Rhythmic gymnastics competition
I failed to stand up
Ranma-Chan reached out

Shampoo, the amazon
sworn to kill Ranma Chan
Wed the other half

Enemies we were
She tried to erase him
She failed yet remained.

Mousse, master magician
jealous of Shampoo's desperate love
He tries to win

Threatened my gender
Ranma came to my rescue
I thought he cared

Ukyou "Ucchan" Kounji
A friend from the past
A threat to me

My hands tied
I could not replace her
Ten years too long

I hurt him
Refused to open my heart
Truths locked up tight

Time had passed
I waited far too long
The date was set

Why didn't we
So much was left unsaid
Now it's too late

I weeped openly
Not for memories long ago
But for being silent

Now I sit
My new love yet unknown
Wondering what may have been

This is my first try at poetry. C&C is welcome. :)  ( megane67@home.com)

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