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Wow, your webmaster finally has an opportunity to speak for himself!
This site was set up not only to showcase Megane's rather extensive amount of writing, but also my slightly smaller contribution to the MST and fanfiction worlds. Yes, I realize that very few have heard of me outside FFIRC, but hopefully I will be changing that shortly.
At the right, there are a list of links that should help you navigate my annex of this website. Mystery Science Theater 3001 is a rough continuation of sorts from where MST3k left off earlier in 1999, and the other two links should be rather self-explanatory. For a personal page, I would counsel you to seek out my other webpage. It will merit a link at the side when I am able to find time to update it again, but until then you folks will have to be kept in the dark as to my origins. (BWAHAHA!!!!)
Please enjoy what little I have to offer, and rest assured that after all this webpage hullabaloo is over that I will be writing more and hopefully finding a way to pass your time with the musings of my imagination.

Update (27-Feb-07) As stated on the front page, I have added a blog to this website. The blog is easily accessible with the link on the side, and you can also navigate back to AMFAS easily as well. Feel free to visit, read, and comment!
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