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And hot from the presses, to boot. This is Megane 6.7's, Jack's, and my page dedicated to the projects, be they MST or otherwise, that we have just published! For all of those fans that aren't tuned into weblists and newsgroups, rest assured that we will keep this page as recent as possible and strive to publish anything that we have released here as soon as humanly possible.

MST6.7 Ep. 601 - "The Keijo Novice Tournament", (2020) - Introducing... Joel and the 'bots! And introducing... dozens of other characters, who are here to fight for their right to bounce and jiggle! We promise at some point they actually do this too! Any minute now... any minute now... aaaaaannnnnnyyyyyy minute now... okay, cue the music! you're the best... a-round! Nothin's ever gonna keep you down...

Let's Play #4 - Les Manley: Search for the King (1990) - Is Elv... err, I mean, THE KING truly as dead as they claim? Well, yes, obviously. But don't tell that to Lester P. "Les" Manley as he abandons work, encounters women... just "encounters" them, nothing more... and aimlessly drifts around the country for the promise of a million dollars. Leisure Suit Larry, Les ain't, despite rather flimsy comparisons. Join Kizzy Caspy, Megane 6.7 and Zoogz as they Let's Play/Riff on an adventure game, that despite being made by Accolade, failed to receive any, 'Les Manley: Search for the King!'

MST6.7 Ep. 510 - "12 Months and a year" Part 1, Part 2 (2015) - They thought Bison was dead... but then somebody... inserted another quarter. Just in time for Halloween, Joel and the bots tackle their first Street Fighter fanfic about the rebirth of the Shadaloo... or is it Shadolaw? Wait, now it's Shadoloo? Well, anyway, the rebirth of... y'know, those girl soldier dolls that hang around that M. Bison creep? Can Cammy, Chun-Li and Guile figure out what's going on in time and save the day? Or is it... GAAAAME... OVAHHHHH!!!

Update 22 August 2015:
One new Let's Play Commentary!

Let's Play Commentary #3 -- "The Medical Theories of Dr. Kur"Join Kizzy Caspy, Megane 6.7 & Zoogz in another fun riffing, this time of the AGS game "The Medical Theories of Dr. Kur"! Also, feel free to check out the "Blooper Reel" afterwards as we laugh at ourselves and our mistakes. ;P

Update 16 April 2015:
One new Zoogz MST

MSC3001 Ep. 209 - "Help Wanted" (Part 2) (2010) - So what happens when you take a cauldron of Ranma 1/2 and add a pinch of Sailor Moon? This 'fic attempts to blow the lid off of the seamy underbelly of Ranma 1/2, where one of the characters may be actually working for their own motives... >GASP!< And by the way, this very same character would really appreciate if you brought some tennis balls...

Update 28 February 2015:
One new Megane 6.7 MST and one new Let's Play commentary:

MST6.7 Ep. 509 - "A Date with Fate" (2002) - They had a date with fate in Chilliwack! Okay, this lemon of a fanfic stars the auth... err... I mean, IAN, who enters a mysterious internet contest that wins him a week with Raye Hino. Despite living with his mother and being constantly shadowed by his sidekick, Jeremy, Ian manages to win Raye's heart and virginity but only after challenging her to a fight to show how awesome(ly overpowered) he is. But hey, at least he made her breakfast, right?

Let's Play Commentary #2 -- "Witch Night" -- Join Kizzy Caspy, Megane 6.7 & Zoogz in a MST3K-esque walkthrough of the AGS game "Witch Night"! Also, feel free to check out the "Blooper Reel" afterwards as we laugh at ourselves and our mistakes. ;P

Update 8 January 2014:
One new Megane 6.7 MST and one Megane 6.7 "Let's Play" Commentary:

MST6.7 Ep. 508 - "Two Worlds: Discovering Good Hearts" (2011) - Calling Dr. Howard... Dr. Fine... Dr. Ramen? This ABC Fanfic of the Week stars Shampoo as she suffers a horrific injury and is soon fighting for her life in the hospital... but who needs drama and a somewhat interesting premise when we've got heaping gobs of KOMEDY, bloody splashes of violence and tons of wet nurses, though not the ones the thirteen-year-olds crave. Also, the characters swap scripts about halfway through the fanfic... ooh, kinky. We highly suspect the author had no idea where this thing was going but man, what a trip...

"Let's Play" commentary -- "Paul Quest" -- Join Megane 6.7 in a MST3k-style walkthrough of the game "Paul Quest"! Check it out, it's really funny.

Update 15 Jun 2013:
One new Megane 6.7 MST

MST6.7 Ep. 507 - "Wife or Kid" (2011) w/Short "Lunch Time" (2011) - Ah, life. Damn good cereal but I HATE, HATE, HATE the redesigned box for it! Give us back our big boxes and bright colours! Ahem, but I digress... we start off with high school drama as Usagi pines for Darien while her friends make fun of her... wait, that's it? Really? Uh, okay, the main feature has Ataru and Lum's baby being kidnapped by an old foe and naturally this leads to Ataru joining the WWF as Hannibal and facing Yokozuna in a ladder match for the World Title... wait, WHAT?

Update 16 Jan 2011:
One new Zoogz MST

MSC Ep. 208 - "[None yet Suggestions welcome in Reviews!]" (Part 2, Part 3) (2007) - What could be better than tournaments, new villains, and a multiverse that needs saving? Only if it's CHESS tournaments, Mary-Sue hero(ine)s, and a bunch of Canada to boot! Watch as Ami and Mr. Miyagi battle to see who's the best around and so many Senshi that they could open their own casino in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Update 12 May 2010:
One new Megane 6.7 MST

MST6.7 Ep. 506 - "The Adventures of Captain Yaten" (Part 2) (2008) - Just when you thought Disney had scuttled the pirate genre back into the briny deep for another decade or so, along comes the Sailor Starli... sorry, CAPTAIN Yaten and his well-groomed crew of ne'er-do-wells who burn down a village and kidnap the senshi, only they're not senshi, to act as their personal maid service. All of this takes place in 17th century... Japan? England? America? I dunno. Oh, and Usagi's cooking sucks. That is all.

Update 2 Sep 09:
One new Zoogz MST:

MSC 3001 Ep. 207: "Finding Your Place" (2008) - Imagine your favorite show just kinda hanging out. There's the crew of One Piece, just knotting ropes for their anchors. There's the Ranma cast discussing recipes for their favorite dishes. Heck, Mulder and Scully are discussing Mulder's negative skin biopsy by the coffeemaker. If all of the above situations really get your blood pumping, here's the Kenshin crew talking about nebulous revenge. Also featured: the Rurouni Festival! We don't get to see that either.
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Update 2 Apr 08:
Two "new" Megane 6.7 MSTs:

MST 6.7 Ep. 504: "The Life I Left Behind" (2003) - Throughout history there have been many examples of tyranny, but none have been quite so bloody or confusing as the reign of Usagi the White. Heartbroken over the "possible" infidelity of her boyfriend, Usagi dedicates the next century to conquering the world as five or six other animes are dragged in, kicking and screaming along with the Matrix. There is no spoon... oh wait, yes there is. Page 33. Dang, so much for leaving on a cryptic note...
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MST 6.7 Ep. 505: "Loki Unties the Wolf" (2005) - Donít angst and drive. Thatís a lesson for us all but one Kozue fails to heed as she recklessly burns rubber down a highway, simultaneously embracing the wild animal within while pining away for her one true love whoís apparently too evil for his shirt. Too evil for his shirt, so evil it hurts. And we havenít even gotten to the dance yet...
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Update 20 Apr 07:
One new Zoogz MST:

MSC 3001 Ep. 206: "Eye of the Tiger" (2006) - Giant robots, giant robots, and not a Jet Jaguar in sight to save us all. When an anime crosses over with a videogame and shares little in common except... giant robots, watch all the explosions fill the screen! Fei from Xenogears visits Shinji and the gang. Somehow the author forgot to add all the Xeno-philosophy and the Evangelion-symbolism... thank heaven for small favors.
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Update 07 Jun 06:
One new Megane 6.7 MST:

MST 6.7 Ep. 503: "Wild Senshi" (2006)- When Yu-Gi-Oh attacks, who'ya gonna call? Well, for pete's sake, don't call Pimp Master Ranma cause when he's not showing off his wardrobe or wailing horrible sing-song ditties, he's 'powering booing' up his magical hos and dining on jewels. And speaking of jewels...
Text version, Part 1
Text version, Part 2

Previous update 09 Mar 06:
One new Megane 6.7 MST and one new Zoogz MST:

MST 6.7 Ep. 502: "My Kid's an Alien!": Weird, weird, space is super-weird! Dr. Forrester reacquaints Joel and the bots with the Urusei Yatsura clan as they clumsily grope their way through a tale that spans time, space and Nevada. There's conspiracy, racism, corruption, ROAD TRIP!, a plot to conquer the universe, a wee bit of cloning [Insert haunting, melodious whistling here.], and Ataru finding the perfect loophole to justify his infidelity.
Text Version, part 1
Text Version, part 2
Text Version, part 3

MSC 3001 Ep. 205: "Friends, Family, and San Francisco": This fanfic features Sailor Moon as conceptualized by the writers of "My So-Called Life". Raye is taken away from Japan due to a custody issue and does everything she can short of serial arson to get away. There's beauty pageants, little brothers, parental abuse... and what angst 'fic wouldn't be complete with a touch of teenage pregnancy to boot?
Text Version, part 1
Text Version, part 2

Update 16 Jun 05:
One Zoogz MST and many Megane 6.7 revisions:

MSC3001 Ep. 204: "Dragon Of the Night": Mike, Joel and the Bots are treated to a Naruto fanfic by the Mads in this experiment. It's a "new character" fanfic, which leads to many of the usual characters getting put in their place like they should! Watch for the SI's... err, "new character's" mad porn-destroying skills.
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MST6.7 Revisions:
The following MST6.7 episodes have all been revised:
Episode 105: The War
Episode 209: Triangle Tangle
Episode 210: The Kidnapping Pt. 1 & 2
Episode 301: A Wet Dream Come True
Episode 302: Tortured Echo Pt. 1-4
Episode 303: Ranma Kills! Pt. 1 & 2
Episode 306: 9-Ball Dreams Pt. 1 & 2
Episode 307: Winter
Episode 308: Ukyo Gets What She Deserves Pt. 1 & 2
Episode 310: The Io Saga Pt. 1-4
Episode 401: Lines As Q Part 2 Pt. 1 & 2
Episode 403: Sable Takes The Gold
Episode 404: Sometimes
Episode 405: Welcome to my Nightmare Charlie Brown
Episode 406: Ranma's Revenge
Episode 407: Moon Honey Flash
Episode 408: Ranma 1/2 Episode 999
Episode 409: Achtung! Sailor Scouts??
Shorty 104: The Internet Spy And You!!

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