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Hello and welcome to the FFIRC MST archive. FFIRC, or Fan Fiction Internet Relay Chat, is a place where many fanfiction authors get together to shoot the breeze and occasionally talk about fiction. Sometimes, once in a blue moon, one of the authors will find a piece of fiction on the Internet and bring it to FFIRC so that many of us will have a chance to give it the Mystery Science Theater treatment. Raw riffs are usually processed after these sessions are finished and the script itself is usually made up over the space of a few days from the logs of the chat... a host segment is added, and voila! A MST, straight from the many creative minds that inhabit the FFIRC!

If anyone is interested in seeing this group or meeting them, here is the pertinent information:
For Chat Clients - Connect to on port 6667 and type [/join #fanfic] (without the brackets)
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Now that you know what we do and who we are, without further ado we present our works!
(In *roughly* chronological order...)

The Day of Emergence: The very first FFIRC MST, this one is a mega-fusion of Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, and the David Eddings universe of the Belgariad/Malloreon. It features many characters introduced rather quickly, hordes of blue jewels, swarms of evil no-faced do-badders, and special guest star John!
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Clothes Make the Woman: Here we have a side-story set in the Urusei Yatsura: The Senior Year universe. This is not to be confused with the Ranma fic that has a similar name. This script was a bit more free-flowing than was the last one, but loses no humor.
**Warning**: This fic contains mature content. We ask you to please be responsible in the downloading and reading of this material. Also, if you are offended by such material, we ask kindly that you not read it in the first place. Thank you.
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Knight Squadron: This fic is a crossover with Bubblegum Crisis and Exosquad by a author who wished to remain almost nameless. Watch as the Exosquad gains four more members and the greatest advances in medical technology since leeches!
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Pyros: Written by Lucas "Lone Wolf" Scarpati, Pyros is a self-insert Ranma 1/2 fic that promises the readers the moon but fails to deliver. Great moments include Ryouga's almost-frying, a Jusenkyo guard who's about as confused as we are, and a frightened Kate Moss reduced to appearing in fanfiction. Watch for a cameo by Lina Inverse!
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Final Attempt: Another Ranma 1/2 fanfiction, this one features Akane and Shampoo as the drugged-up duo and Ukyo and Kasumi as Ranma's harem. For the best in Amazonian pharmecuticals, you should give this link a click!
Text version

Redheads: Originally written by Robert "Kenko" Haynie, one of our own FFIRC members, this shows that the FFIRC will look almost anywhere for great targets. In this Ranma 1/2 and Slayers cross-over, Ranma and Lina Inverse are sisters and Akane's along for the ride as well. Watch as exposition abounds and Gourry still manages to look stupid.
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Wild Silver: Hot on the heels of the Ranmoon project (or actually, before the authors could even post their works) came this piece of writing, another attempt to thrust Ranma (and now, Akane) into the universe of Sailor Moon. And with all that thrusting comes a certain... how do you say... "character synthesis" that turns both series on their respective aural organs. Keep on the lookout for such classic moments as Rei the tech-help priestess and Ranko, the seven-year-old sadist.
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In Character Xel+Filia: Everyone's favorite FFML Troll finally wrote a fic! And guess who MSTed it! In this fic, you'll see exactly how well Gubby does plot exposition, character development, dialogue, and many other vital parts of a fanfic! And we all hope you enjoy it as much as we did...
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Pools of Tao, Part 1 (2001)-This is a crossover between Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura: The College Years (huh? Is he a senior in that?) where it seems that the author have very definite conceptions for all the characters. There are characters in here that could make you go "Hmm..." along with a lot of Ranma- *and* Ataru-bashing. Enjoy, if at all possible.
Text Version

Battle Royal (1997)- Wow. What to say. This is the collaboration that took fully twenty months to realize. Riffing on this fic was started at Anime Central 2001, before the costumers came to the stage. Riffing continued through the FFIRC. And the end result...
The 'fic itself contains three SIs, all hailing from the Great White North and making life miserable for the Senshi. They each pick-a-Scout in the middle of landing incapacitated airplanes, defeating random youmas, and getting kewl flaming skulls as their 'animal mascot'. Enjoy the ride, and don't YOU eat the fish too!
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